Android & iOS Application Development

Along with the widespread embrace of mobile technology has come the development of an “apps culture”. There are apps catering to almost every activity in our everyday life - from entertainment and social media to shopping and fitness. Keeping this trend in mind most enterprises are re-thinking the way they reach out to their customers. Having a mobile friendly website is no longer enough, an app that enables your target customers to interact with your business is a must.


Years of experience on the Android Platform - Libraries, Build Systems, IDE, Testing Methods and Verification/Beta Processes. Dedicated UX Team which involves early in the life cycle. In-depth knowlegde of Android internals, including native development using NDK, performance optimization, OpenGL, sensor interfacing etc.


Industry leading applications fully compliant with Apple guidelines, to have a hassle-free app submission and approval process. Constant innovation taking advantage of the latest iOS versions and APIs. Mastery over XCODE, OSX, Interface Builder and Objective C. Complete understanding of iOS UI standards and guidelines.

Cross Platform

We are experts in cross platform tools like Qt, Phone Gap, Xamarin, Sencha, etc, Optimize your app development and deployment cost by adopting a develop once run anywhere strategy using cross platform tools.

Our experienced mobile team takes care of the entire cycle, from requirements elaboration, defining the UX, and design of the app, to development deployment and maintenance. We develop applications catering to entertainment, games, social media, learning, to name a few.

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