The Launcher is the core for all the activities on the Android TV entertainment device, constituting a central home screen and also provides quick access to all the apps and the features of the Android TV device.

Google has introduced Android TV Operator Tier program which enables an Operator-Driven user experience which allows to prioritize operator content over that of third parties in all aspects of the experience. Claysol’s Launcher “Yureca” is highly customizable and is suitable for Pay-TV operators looking to launch services based on Android Hybrid and/or OTT boxes.

Customized Android Launcher
  • Developed to be compliant with AOSP guidelines and extensible to Android Operator Tier Program, it allows the operator to rule over his content, branding and deciding how to portray the operator-centric content within the whole, immersive UI.
Reducing time-to-market
  • Using in-house proprietary framework, time for customization of launcher is reduced significantly. Testing task timeline will be lesser due to pre/unit tested framework component re-use.
TV-Input Framework
  • Through the use of interfaces, a common interface for linear channels, OTT channels and USB content is derived to provide for a combined content-driven experience
Multi-DRM Support
  • Options to manage different DRM implementations across HLS, Smooth Streaming, and MPEG-DASH content formats.

Claysol’s launcher “Yureca” comes integrated with our own CMS solution “Yunicq” and is also readily integrable with other back-end solutions, including On-Premise and On-Cloud (Server- less) systems.

Key Features

✓ Seamless navigation between Linear Channels, VOD and USB Storage/Media Content
✓ Itemized and Integrated EPG for Linear & Non-Linear Channels
✓ Support for Google OTA with ability for mass or targeted upgrades
✓ Advanced Geo-Blocking of content, including VPN-Proofing
✓ Enhanced security features with versatile Multi-DRM support
✓ Support for Analytics and Reporting: Targeted Ad support
✓ Kid mode: Enhanced Parental Control including blackout of programs
✓ Support for Multiple Payment methods for premium content
✓ Multi-language support (English and Regional Languages)

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