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Auto Infotainment Industry over the time has taken a leap in re-inventing vehicle dashboard from only music console to a wide range of applications which helps the driver and passenger to stay connected with the surrounding and world outside of the vehicle along with entertainment while on move.

Various tasks that can be performed with an auto infotainment system include managing and playing audio, video content, utilizing navigation for driving, delivering rear-seat entertainment such as movies, games, social networking, etc. Other typical tasks include sending outgoing SMS text messages, making and receiving phone calls, and accessing internet-enabled or smartphone-enabled software applications such as traffic conditions, sports scores and weather forecasts.

There is an increased consumer spending on luxurious items, rising awareness of safety and security in automobile functioning, and an increasing penetration of smartphones and their active role in the day-to-day life of individuals. The sales value of the global auto infotainment market was estimated to be valued at US$ 20.06 bn by the end of 2016. Upscaling 5.1% Y-o-Y, according to Global Industry Analysis and Forecast, 2016 – 2024.

As vehicle owners worldwide are seeking an enhanced driving experience with less stress, consumers are opting for various interior car accessories such as LCDs, music accessories, radio systems etc. These car accessories help in improving the overall driving experience for vehicle owners .This in turn drives the global car interior accessories market.

At Claysol Media Solutions, we envelope the latest trends of technology.

Claysol's deep expertise in multimedia and connected devices along with our understanding of core automotive technologies like CAN, LIN, J1850 etc, make us an ideal choice for bridging the gap between traditional automotive systems and the modern connected car. We work on all the popular automotive platforms including QNX, Qt, GenIVI and Android. Our services in this space includes platform and application development for automotive consoles, navigation systems, ADAS, diagnostic applications etc.

We have greatly influenced the end consumers have a stress free, connected and entertained travel through our customers in Auto Infotainment sector.

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