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Smart phones are the first thing many people look at when they wake up and the last thing they look at before falling asleep. Mobile phones were once upon a time “the third screen”—that is, after TV and computers—but today, it’s time to refer as the first screen. For every business to be in mobile web revolution, mobile application development is the perfect solution.

As the future is smart mobility which is fuelled by apps, there is advent of mobile-app-computing than desktop-computing. Mobile technology has inspired the businesses to move on to smartphone platforms like iOS, Android, Windows Phone and several others. Mobile apps are becoming an ideal tool for businesses looking for innovative ways to market themselves.

Mobile apps are not only used for entertainment or gaming but are also a good means of offering the businesses a competitive advantage over competitors. Businesses can become a part of this revolution simply by launching its own mobile app.

We take care of all your mobile applications needs, whether it is for Android , iOS , or Windows. We also work with cross-platform frameworks like Phonegap , Qt and Flash.We are experts in developing cloud based connected apps that deliver a rich multimedia experience. We also help our clients to setup their backend streaming services to optimize multiplatform delivery. Our focus is on providing best in class User Experience on the apps which we develop. Our in house UX experts work with our clients to design the most satisfying user experience for end users.

At Claysol, we understand that businesses should be perfect in front-end simplicity, as Simplicity is the key to success in Mobile UX, we need to show functionality, in a simple way so the user.

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