Claysol Media is the official value-added QNX Integration Partner, possessing deep QNX expertise to offer professional software development services to build modern, robust, secure and reliable products making the most of QNX. With our rich domain expertise in Automotive, Medical and Industrial Automation, our QNX team is committed to meet your production and deployment timelines, on budget, and on specs with a product that exceeds your expectations. From conceptualization, product innovation and scope to the end of the life services, our key expertise includes,

  • QNX driver development, porting & Integration services
  • BSP & Middleware customizations
  • QNX SDP-skilled indigenous engineering design services
  • Wide range of customization and On-Demand design capabilities
QNX Multimedia

Claysol's expertise helps bring top-of-the-line with structured development methodology, strict adherence to processes, hierarchical verification strategy ensures that your project is delivered in top-notch quality that you’ve come to expect from us.

If you are looking to build compelling mobile-like interfaces with full multimedia capabilities that include Audio/Video codecs, Connectivity, Rich and Interactive graphics subsystems on secure and reliable embedded systems, look no further! Leverage our expertise in Qt & QNX with apps & Media apart from Android and JavaScript. In tandem with state-of-the-art software development, we offer training services which utilize our industry experience and expertise of QNX for all levels of training, suited to your individual need and specialization.


Autonomous cars contain the most complex hardware and software ever deployed by automakers. The software must process a flood of data from sensors such as stereoscopic cameras, vehicle-mounted LIDAR/RADAR, proximity sensors and GPS data in real-time to form a 3D model of the car's environment and thereafter use different sets to AI/ML algorithms to compute the safest decision on how to control, navigate and route the vehicle, with constant factoring in of new environment data. The QNX Platform for ADAS provides a functionally safe software foundation that enables the above functions to deliver an advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) for automated driving.

Claysol's approach involves choosing between efficient deep learning algorithms and random forests, Boosting and Ensemble learning, and, String Kernels and Latent-Variable modelling, to enable our software to provide you with a highly efficient, safe and secure computing engine, which together with special-purpose hardware (accelerators) for vision processing achieve a minimal-risk based approach to ADAS, ranging from completely unmanned vehicles to vehicle-assist systems (ADAS).

Claysol Media Labs

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