Qt Applications

Qt is ubiquitous for implementing rich Graphical User Interface on desktop and embedded platforms. Qt is a cross platform framework and runs on most embedded platforms including Linux, Windows Embedded and custom RTOS such as QNX and VxWorks. Qt uses standard C++ with extensions and can be used in several other programming languages via language bindings. Qt also provides Qt Quick that includes a declarative scripting language called QML that allows using JavaScript to provide the logic.

Software for STB

Complete solution for an IP Set Top Box on Linux. Makes use of advanced Qt features like threading, memory mapped files and networking.

Desktop Qt Application for EDA Tool

Based on Model View Architecture with intuitive UI features. Power data visualizations using different types of charts and tables.

Automotive Console

Advanced Qt Based UI with 3D visualization. Navigation using Qt Map feature and integration with Vehicle Network for data.

Claysol have developed Qt based applications for Set Top Boxes, Automotive Consoles, Industrial Controls and EDA Tools to name a few. Our experts also conduct training on the Qt platform to leading organizations. For any of your Qt related developments please get in touch with us.

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