Content Management System - Yunicq

Yunicq, one CMS for your company across geographies, and business units — no more confusions or multiple investments. It is ready-to- deploy and pre-integrated with industry standard applications, to achieve faster time-to- market.

Driven by a Hybrid Cloud architecture so you have peace of mind that your content is always in your reach. No more dependencies on ‘On- Premise’ infrastructure, which means you realize lowest Cost of Ownership.

Deployment Ready (Quick Adaptability)

AWS based Full Cloud and hybrid models. On-Premise custom built platforms. Plug and play with any of the existing back-end and CRM solutions.

Content Reach

Content is click away. Near real-time streaming with integrated CDN support from Amazon Cloud Frond and Akamai catering content to any corner of the globe.

Amazon Elemental Media services

Zero investment on expensive and “On-premise” encoders and storage servers. Leverages the powerful services of AWS for one stop solution for media processing needs.

DRM and ABR with HD

Out of the box support to industry best DRM engines. Adaptive Bit Rate encoding and streaming support for DASH and HLS media formats for all standard resolutions.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning

First in market, Context driven search and recommendation engine

Competitive Pricing and Business engagement models

Choose from one of our SaaS or PaaS, CAPEX or OPEX models. It can be customized to your business needs.

Analytics, Customer retention and engagement

Supported by Google Analytics and Youbora for usage analytics. With Analytic and Reporting, Amazon Pin Point services complement in reaching to customers who need attention.

Technology First

Robust and totally responsive CMS Admin Interface, accessible round the clock. Built on React .JS and Node JS to be future ready. Cloud ready CMS built with Amazon - Cognito, Lambda, API Gateway, Aurora DB, Cloud Front, Cloud Watch and other supporting services.

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